Advanced Open Water Course

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

Are you looking to explore the next step in Scuba Diving? Many of our Advanced Courses head out to the Poor Knights so why not jump on board!

If you want to increase your confidence, explore more of the underwater world and develop more of your scuba diving capabilities then this is the course for you!

Most people assume that the Advanced Open Water Course is for 'advanced' divers and that they need vast amounts of dive experience to take part. In essence this course is aimed at the not just the experienced diver but also at the new diver.

This course is designed to maximise your in-water learning (all theory is completed online) and it's a great way to get more dives under your belt while continuing to learn under the supervision of one of our experienced instructors, so that by the time you have finished the course you will be a better and safer diver.

You will be introduced to a range of different diving types under varying conditions so it's a great way to get a taste of the various Speciality courses that you can undertake to continue your diving education.

Dive HQ Westhaven also run an NZQA approved career pathway to this course in their Academy of Diving Programme. This is the National Certificate in Foundation. Summer School, Part-time and Full time course available. More information?

We also run NZQA Star programmes through schools and education facilities.

Course overview:

This couse involves 5 FUN dives with a knowledge review to be completed before each dive.

The 2 complulsory dives are:

Deep Dive - this dive will be up to a depth of 30m (for Junior Open Water Divers 21m)!

Navigation Dive- you will learn natural and compass navigation skills

You can choose 3 out of a variety of dives such as:

Peak Performace Bouyancy -this dive will improve your bouyancy ckills so that you have more control and also better air consumption.

Underwater photography - this dive will give you the opportunity to capture your underwater adventure and memories. 

Night - on this dive you will plunge into a mysterious environment and see the marine life in a 'new light'!

Wreck - this dive is at the Waikato wreck and it will dive you a taste of what is a popular and adventurous area of diving. (A $50 supplement is payable for this option). 

Underwater Naturalist - on this dive you will learn more about the fabulous marine life that we encounter. 

Drift - this dive will give you the opportunity to experince the exhilaration of underwater flying. 

Search & Recovery- learn to search and lift that dropped outboard or bulging bag of scallops safely to the surface.


Course Dates

Whenever we have a trip going out (which is generally every weekend) we can do advanced course dives. The course is really flexible and can be completed over whatever time period you choose. Simply give us a ring to schedule your dives.

Advanced Course Special

Course Cost $495.00

Cost includes basic training, reference materials and certification.

We have planned an amazing weekend for you to complete your advanced course dives at some of the best sites New Zealand has to offer.

Phone:09 307 3590, email orenquire for more information.

Advanced Open Water Course Cave Diving

Start Date Classroom Dates Pool Dates Openwater Dates Course Type Store  
Open Water Diver
September 2017
30/09/2017 30/09/17-01/10/17 07/10/17-08/10/17 Open Water Diver Westhaven Full Course Info
October 2017
14/10/2017 14/10/2017-15/10/17 21/10/17-22/10/17 Open Water Diver Westhaven Full Course Info
28/10/2017 28/10/2017-29/10/17 04/11/2017-05/11/2017 Open Water Diver Westhaven Full Course Info
November 2017
11/11/2017 11/11/2017-12/11/17 18/11/17-19/11/17 Open Water Diver Westhaven Full Course Info
25/11/2017 25/11/17-26/11/17 02/12/17-03/12/17 Open Water Diver Westhaven Full Course Info
December 2017
04/12/2017 SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMME 12+ 04/12/17-05/12/17 06/12/17-07/12/17 Open Water Diver Westhaven Full Course Info
09/12/2017 09/12/17-10/12/17 16/12/17-17/12/17 Open Water Diver Westhaven Full Course Info
11/12/2017 SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMME 12+ 11/12/17-12/12/17 13/12/17-14/12/17 Open Water Diver Westhaven Full Course Info
18/12/2017 SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMME 12+ 18/12/17-19/12/17 20/12/17-21/12/17 Open Water Diver Westhaven Full Course Info
Rescue Diver
September 2017
23/09/2017 23/09/17-24/09/17 Rescue Diver Westhaven Full Course Info